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Next to our Handy Saw, our Helix Mixers are one of our best-known items. They’re absolute must-haves for mixing paints, coatings, stains, wall texture, adhesives and other viscous liquids. The specially designed mixing head insures quick and complete mixing throughout the container and allows for easy cleaning. The helix shape reaches corners and the bottom of the can for full mixing, making them the fastest mixers of their kind. Although there are countless copycats out there, our helix mixers are ALLWAY® originals.

Back in 2005, there were two main types of mixers in the market. Spiral mixers, like our SM1 & SM5, were designed for drywall compound and mud but were too heavy-duty for paint and lighter fluids. On the other hand, flapper mixers, like our PM mixer, were undersized and inefficient. Around that time, the Squirrel Mixer was developed, but it had its own flaws, such as mixing left and right and being difficult to clean. Our Chief Engineer Tim Cheng and Chairman Donald Gringer worked together to create the revolutionary HM1 & HM5 Helix Mixers. These mixers changed the game and became extremely popular, leading us to expand the line further.

HM1 & HM5

HM1 & HM5 

The 5 Gallon Narrow Helix Mixer (HM5N) is perfect for professional painters who want to mix paint quickly and efficiently. Its innovative polypropylene narrow head fits snugly into the lid’s bung hole on 3, 4, and 5-gallon pails, allowing for easy and spill-free mixing without the need to remove the lid.

The 5 Gal. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Helix Mixer (HMA) is a beast designed for heavy-duty projects. With premium aluminum vanes, this mixer delivers fast and even mixing of thicker compounds, including drywall compound, mud, paint, and other viscous liquids. Its longer shaft enables easy access to corners and the bottom of 5-gallon containers, ensuring thorough mixing without constant repositioning. While it requires a bit more precision and care compared to plastic mixers, it’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Just wipe it down after use, and it’ll be ready for your next project.

Lastly, we have the Quart/Cup Helix Mixer, our newest addition to the helix mixer family. It showcases ALLWAY®’s commitment to meeting market demands. This two-pack of mixers is ideal for mixing epoxy resin, mica powder, alcohol inks, latex and oil paints, and other viscous liquids used in small arts and crafts projects.

HMQ - mixers

HMQ – mixers

And while there are a million copycats out there, why not buy mixers from the original designers. We’re curious to know which mixer is your favorite. Let us know!