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Hey there, folks! At ALLWAY®, we’re all about making your work easier and more comfortable. We’ve been leading the way in tool design with a focus on ergonomics, and we’re proud to be one of the pioneers in this philosophy. If you’ve checked out our website or have known us for a while, you’ll know that we don’t just talk about ergonomics, we actually live it in all our products. One example being the incorporation of soft grip handles in our wood scrapers.

Wood Scaper Evolution

The Ergonomic Revolution, shown in our Wood Scrapers

We owe this commitment to our former CEO and Chairman, Donald Gringer, who left behind a legacy of retrofitting our classic items and incorporating ergonomic features into new ones. Our goal is simple: to provide you with tools that are not only faster and more efficient but also reduce stress and the risk of injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome. We know that the world of home improvement is all about ergonomic product designs that minimize fatigue and job-related mishaps.

Don Gringer

Don Gringer, former CEO & Chairman

Now, let’s talk about ergonomics. It’s much more than slapping a soft grip handle on a tool, although it still surprises us that some of our competitors are offering putty knives or wood scrapers with hard plastic or wooden handles. Ergonomics is about designing products that fit your needs and capabilities. No matter where you come from, everyone at ALLWAY® believes that products should be well-made and stand the test of time. We also believe in keeping things simple yet versatile.

UX Line of Putty & Joint Knives

UX Line of Putty & Joint Knives

Let’s take a closer look at our fantastic UX line of putty and joint knives, which you can find at Sherwin Williams, Amazon, and even your local hardware store. While these were designed with professionals in mind, we absolutely welcome all you DIY enthusiasts who want something a bit more high-end than your average putty or joint knife. Despite being made of stainless steel, these knives feel lightweight. In fact, our 6-inch variety weighs just 4.6 ounces. This means less discomfort and fatigue when you’re applying and spreading compound on surfaces.

Overengineered Design vs Ergonomic Simplicity

Overengineered Design vs Ergonomic Simplicity

Take a look at the image above See how our UX6F stands next to our competitors? They look so bulky and unwieldy compared to our sleek UX6F. We often find that many consumers believe a premium item must be overengineered and weigh a ton in your hand. But here’s the thing: looks can be subjective. What’s objective is the cost. And that’s where we shine. At ALLWAY®, we’re proud to offer professional-quality tools at down-to-earth prices. Overengineering things can drive up costs, and in a world where inflation is on everyone’s mind, we’d rather provide value to our customers. Plus, it’s not good for balance either.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you value having a lightweight yet premium product like our UX line, or do you prefer the beefy look? We’re open to all opinions, so feel free to share your perspective. We’re here to listen and serve you better.