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(1B) 1⅛” – 2 Edge Wood Scraper Blade, 2/card

UPC: 0 3706406058 9

1⅛” – 2 Edge Wood Scraper Blade, 2/card


The 1⅛” 2-Edge Wood Scraper Blade is designed for use with the F1 and FE1 wood scrapers. The blades are high carbon steel and blackened to guarantee corrosion resistance. These wood scraper blades are perfect for clearing out old paint chips and debris from painting surfaces. They have one edge for rough scraping and one for fine scraping. They can be easily sharpened with a blade file for lasting efficiency during lengthy projects.

  • 2 replacement blades included
  • Blades are blackened for better resistant to corrosion
  • Each blade has 2-edges, camber ground
  • 1-edge for rough scraping
  • 1-edge for fine scraping
  • Outperforms competing wood scraper blades with straight edges
  • Sharpen blade edges with blade file during longer projects
  • Fits the F1 and FE1 scrapers