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(ANP) Abrasive Nylon Pads, 2/card

UPC: 0 3706413040 4

Abrasive Nylon Pads, 2/card


The Abrasive Nylon Pads are used for scrubbing tiles, floors and plumbing fixtures. It also polishes stainless steel, copper and brass. It deglosses various surfaces. Made from non-woven nylon webbing impregnated with a fine grit abrasive. These pads are stronger and more resilient than steel wool. Available in 11″ x 4½ sheets. Fits the UPS, UHS and similar sanders on the markets.

  • For commercial, drywall, marine and household use
  • Also for polishing, scrubbing and deglossing
  • Fits UPS, UHS and similar sanders
  • Made of nylon mesh