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(ARK-B7) Self-Retracting Safety Knife w/6 Blades, Uncarded

Self-Retracting Safety Knife w/6 Blades, Uncarded

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Every design challenge is approached with new eyes: "What can we do better?" we ask. What can we do to make things safer?" The ALLWAY® Self-Retracting Safety Knife is a great example of what we do best. It features a rugged engineering grade plastic body that opens easily at the touch of a button. Rounded point blade helps to reduce puncture injuries. Left or right hand operation. Short or long blade exposure option. Metal wear strip beneath blade edge. Comes complete with 6 blades; 5 stored in handle.

  • Ultra light weight engineering grade plastic body
  • Adjustable cutting depth option, just snap off tab on slider
  • Blade changes are easy with the unique EZ push button feature; no screwdrivers required
  • Comes complete with 6 ALLWAY® Round Point Blades; 5 stored in handle
  • Rounded point blade helps reduce puncture injuries
  • Self-retracting blade for safety
  • Two possible blade extension lengths
  • Equipped with a metal wear strip for heavy use
  • Internal steel metal wear guard designed to prevent blade breakthrough