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(ASB-M) Angled Sandbar – Med. Grit, carded

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Angled Sandbar – Med. Grit, carded


The ALLWAY® Angled Sandbar – Medium Grit is ideal for moderate sanding and smoothing of joint compounds. Not only is it effortless to hold, the block shape of this medium grit sandbar makes sanding crevices, corners, flat or contoured surfaces convenient.

  • Easy to use
  • Sands in flat and angled surfaces
  • For moderate sanding and smoothing
  • Suitable for wet or dry sanding
  • Rinse and reuse for longer life
  • Resilient variegated foam core
  • Aggressive aluminum oxide abrasive coating
  • 5” x 1″ x  3-1/2” x 1″