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(ASMT 2′) Allway Tools 2′ Starter Assortment (450PC)

Allway Tools 2′ Starter Assortment (450 PC)

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Contains the following:

  • 5 each: UX5F, UX4F, UX3F, UX2F, UX15F, UHS, X4F, X3S, X3F, X2S, X2F, X1-1/4S, X1-1/4F, XCH1-1/4, UPS, CT31, WPS & FE1
  • 6 each: DSXG16, HM5N, SB19, SB416, WEK2 & WEP2
  • 10 each: T60, T30S, T30F, T15S, T15F, SD41, HM1, F4, GS, SPH, PB1, GSM, RK4, KS7, KS13, RKB5, K7B, SNB, WSB, 42B, 1B, SEB100VP, SB2, BB2, PB2, FF, MC, MF, WP6 & WP4
  • 12 each: DS-3PKL & AMB