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(DB12) 12″ Heavy Duty Deck Brush, Labelled

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12″ Heavy Duty Deck Brush, Labelled

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The ALLWAY® 12″ Heavy Duty Deck Brush is the ideal scrub brush to clean decks and floors. Made from firm polypropylene, the chemical-resistant heavy duty bristles effectively clean all sorts of flat surfaces including wood, concrete, stone, tile and other materials. It features a threaded pole socket that fits onto a mop stick or extension handle (not included) for additional reach. Around its perimeter is a rubber protector that reduces the possibility of damage if the brush head hits walls, sidings and other surfaces. Use with common chemicals.

  • 12” deck brush with rubber bumper around the perimeter
  • Stiff polypropylene bristles for tough cleaning jobs
  • Threaded to accept mob stick or extension handle
  • Can be used on wood, stone, brick, concrete and other hard surfaces


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