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(DS20) 2″ Celcon Plastic Putty Knife, 25/Bucket, Labelled

UPC: 0 3706408120 1

2″ Celcon Plastic Putty Knife, 25/Bucket, Labelled


The ALLWAY® 2″ Celcon Plastic Putty Knife will elevate your DIY and professional projects. Crafted for lasting strength from lightweight CELCON plastic, this ergonomic tool offers fatigue-free comfort during extended use. Its 2″ blade covers large surface areas while easily maneuvering into tight spaces, making it perfect for spreading joint compound, spackle, or adhesive. This versatile spreader is gentle on delicate surfaces, solvent-proof, and excels at patching, scraping, and smoothing tasks. Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the durability, ease, and efficiency this spreader brings to your projects.

  • Durable CELCON plastic construction provides long lasting strength
  • Lightweight construction will not cause fatigue during use
  • Comfortable grip for extended use
  • Great to spread joint compound, spackle or adhesive
  • For patching, scraping and smoothing
  • To be used on delicate surface; solvent proof
  • 2” blade can cover a large amount of surface or enable its user to work in tighter spaces