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(DSX6F) 6″ Soft Grip Flex Joint Knife

UPC: 0 3706419165 8

6″ Soft Grip Flex Joint Knife


The ALLWAY® 6″ Soft Grip Joint Knife is your essential companion for achieving impeccably smooth surfaces after applying drywall compound or putty. Boasting a professionally ground, flexible 6″ blade, this knife provides unparalleled control, making it perfect for seamlessly covering seams between sheetrock or drywall pieces with drywall tape. Its soft grip handle reduces hand fatigue, ensuring extended use is comfortable and efficient. Additionally, the built-in hammer end adds versatility, enabling you to effortlessly set nails in drywall or drive in loose or extended nails. Crafted from mirror-polished, carbon steel, this joint knife guarantees rugged, reliable strength for all your drywall finishing needs.

  • Use to smooth and feature out the surface after applying drywall compound or putty on the wall
  • Professionally ground, flexible blade provides a high level of control, perfect for use with drywall tape to cover the seams between sheetrock/drywall pieces
  • Soft grip handle is easy to grasp and reduces hand fatigue
  • Built-in hammer end sets nails in drywall or drives in loose or extended nails
  • Mirror-polished, carbon-steel construction to help ensure rugged, reliable strength


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