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(FS48) 48″ Heavy Duty Floor Scraper, Carded

48″ Heavy Duty Floor Scraper, Carded


The ALLWAY® 48" Heavy Duty Floor Scraper is ideal for hand chiseling wall tile or hammer chiseling flooring materials for easy removal. It can also be used for removing various adhesive coverings. The foam handle provides hand protection and reduces fatigue. Contains a double edge blade that can be replaced using the ALLWAY® 4" Blade.

  • Removes tile, linoleum, carpet, roofing and other adhesive coverings quickly and easily
  • Ideal for use in corners or along baseboards where rotary floor sanders cannot reach
  • Heavy duty metal construction for the toughest jobs on floors, roofs, and ceilings
  • Foam handle reduces fatigue
  • Utilizes a 4” square blade (FSB4) that provides two sharp ends