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(GSM5) Mini Glass Scraper, 5 Blades

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Mini Glass Scraper, 5 Blades

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The ALLWAY® Mini Glass Scraper is a must-have addition to your toolbox, offering unparalleled convenience. Perfect for delicate surfaces, it effortlessly removes tape, labels, adhesive, dried paint, and other stubborn materials from flat surfaces without leaving a scratch. Equipped with five single edge industrial-quality .009″ thick razor blades, this scraper ensures long-lasting performance. Need to change the blade? Simply utilize the easy push-button lock, allowing for effortless opening and closing of the scraper. With its handy and compact design, you’ll experience comfortable and seamless usage. This indispensable tool is ideal for small repair jobs in and around your home, providing a reliable solution for various tasks. Constructed with all-metal durability and featuring a convenient push/pull action, the scraper securely holds the single edge blade for safe and efficient use. When it’s time for a blade replacement, simply slide out the blade holder from the back and switch in a fresh one. Not only does this tool excel at glass scraping, but it also effortlessly cuts through corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering, and other materials.

  • All metal construction with push/pull action
  • Holds single edge blade that slides in and out for use and safety
  • Blade can be replaced by sliding the blade holder out the back and switching in a fresh blade
  • Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering and other materials