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(GSMP5) Mini Scraper W/5 Extra Steel-Core Plastic Blades

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Mini Scraper W/5 Extra Steel-Core Plastic Blades, Carded

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The ALLWAY® Mini Scraper is your go-to solution for tackling small scraping and cutting tasks with ease. This pocket-sized scraper comes equipped with 5 extra steel-core plastic blades, ensuring you’re always prepared for the job at hand. Crafted from durable plastic, this scraper offers long-lasting strength to withstand regular use. Its patented push-button lock mechanism allows for effortless opening and closing, adding to its user-friendly design. Engineered with tough Celcon edges, this scraper effectively removes debris from delicate surfaces without causing any scratches. Plus, with spare blades conveniently stored in the patented dispenser, you’ll never have to worry about running out of replacements mid-task.

  • Compact glass scraper with 5 additional blades for convenience
  • Constructed from sturdy plastic for extended durability
  • Features a patented push-button lock for easy opening and closing
  • Perfect for tackling small scraping and cutting tasks
  • Celcon edges ensure gentle scraping on delicate surfaces, preventing scratches
  • Spare blades conveniently stored in a patented dispenser for quick access