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(HM5N) 5 Gal. “Helix” Paint Mixer Narrow, Carded

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5 Gal. “Helix” Paint Mixer Narrow, Carded

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The ALLWAY® 5 Gal. Narrow Helix Mixer is a must have tool for mixing paints, epoxies and other liquids. The polypropylene narrow head fits perfectly into the bung hole of the lid on 3, 4 and 5-gallon pails for quick and easy mixing. This allows for easy clean up, as the liquid will not spatter when mixing, and can be wiped clean when finished. It can be used to mix most viscous liquids, paints, coatings, stains, wall textures and adhesives. The patented, heavy-duty mixer has a 1/4-inch carbon steel hex shaft that securely connects to all electric drill chucks 3/8-inch or larger. The helix shape also allows the liquid to be uniformly mixed throughout the container, and creates less air bubbles, making it ideal for epoxies and other finer finishing products. This mixer is the fastest mixer of its kind.

  • Narrow design to fit into 5-gallon pail without having to remove the lid
  • Polypropylene, helix paint mixer
  • Heavy-duty 5/16” hex shaft provides secure connection to drill
  • Fits most electric drills
  • Shape and material enhance easy clean-up
  • Shape of the blades reaches corners and bottom of paint can
  • Fastest mixer of its kind – patented


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