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(MF) Medium/Fine Sanding Sponge, Carded

UPC: 0 3706410007 0

Med/Fine Sandbar, Carded


The ALLWAY® Medium/Fine Sanding Sponge helps you achieve impeccable finishes. Whether you’re working on drywall, wood, or any other surface, this sanding sponge delivers exceptional results. This medium-fine grit sanding sponge, coupled with the resilient variegated foam core, ensures optimal sanding performance and durability. The aggressive oxide abrasive coating tackles even the toughest materials, smoothing surfaces with ease. Crafted with pride in the USA, this sanding sponge embodies quality and precision.

  • Medium fine sandbar
  • Resilient, variegated foam core
  • Aggressive oxide abrasive coating
  • Made in the USA