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(MPS15) 1-½” “Master Pro” Angular Sash Brush

1 1/2″ “Master Pro” Angular Sash Brush

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Whether you’re a professional or DIYer, the 1-½″ Angular Sash Brush is a must-have for any interior painting project. It’s great for painting or anything with grooves, like cabinets, furniture, or paneled doors, or when you are painting close to another surface, such as between window trim and walls. The polyester blend bristles care cut at a slant, making it easier to paint clean lines. The reinforced hardwood handle offers its user a comfortable and stable grip. At the brush end of the wooden handle, the stainless steel ferrule provides additional reinforcement. This brush is reusable and easy to clean; just remove excess paint brush with a brush comb, rinse well and dry in an upright position to allow water to drip off.

  • 1-½” angular brush
  • Durable construction
  • Polyester blend bristles come tapered and pointed
  • Reinforced hardwood handle
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Use with all paints, stains and varnish