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(PC12K) 12-Piece Paint Project Kit, Labelled

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(PC12K) Paint Project Kit, Labelled

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The ALLWAY® 12-piece Paint Project Kit includes all the tools necessary for quick and easy paint projects and touch ups. This 12-piece kit includes the Allway 1.25-quart EZ Paint Pail and includes 6 disposable ALLWAY® EZ Paint Pail liners. The paint pail has a soft grip handle, magnetic brush holder and uses the corresponding liners for easy clean-up and quick color change. The magnets in the handle allow the brush to be soaked in the paint or can be adjusted so the paint can drip off the brush back into the pail while not in use. Also included are a 2in. angular sash paint brush for use on all surfaces for quick touch ups and trimming, a mini roller frame, 2 microfiber 3in. mini rollers and a medium grit sandbar for surface prep and detailing. This all-in-one paint kit makes it easy to complete all paint jobs, home projects and touch ups.

  • All-in-one tool
  • Magnets on handle to hold brush while not in use
  • Fits disposable liners (PCL6 or similar)
  • Nestable rigid handle for two holding positions and compact storage



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