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(PS1) 24″ Stainless-Steel Paint Shield

UPC: 0 3706410003 2

24″ Stainless-Steel Paint Shield


The ALLWAY® 24″ Stainless-Steel Paint Shield is your solution for achieving precise and clean paint trimming while safeguarding molding, ceilings, glass, corners, and non-painted surfaces from unwanted spatter and over-painting. Its 24-inch stainless steel edge is easy to clean and securely sonically welded to the handle, ensuring resistance to rust and corrosion. Heavier than most trim guides, this durable paint shield enhances your painting precision for a more professional finish. It’s suitable for windows, cabinets, ceilings, corners, and other areas where a flat edge needs protection, effectively shielding adjoining walls, woodwork, and non-painted surfaces from paint splatters. Crafted from robust polystyrene, it withstands temperature variations and maintains its shape, delivering a sharp, clean edge regardless of angle or pressure, minimizing the need for excessive painter’s tape on your painting tasks.

  • Straight edge for precise paint trimming, reducing tape usage
  • Securely welded, rust-free stainless steel edge
  • Safeguards molding, ceilings, glass, corners, and non-painted areas
  • Maintains a clean edge at any angle
  • Easy-to-clean 24-inch stainless steel edge
  • Lightweight and comfortable for fatigue-free use


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