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(SEB112VP) Heavy-Duty Single-Edge Razor Blades,100-Pack

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Heavy-Duty Single-Edge Razor Blades,100-Pack

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These ALLWAY® Heavy-Duty Single-Edge Razor Blades come in a convenient clamshell holding 100 blades. The high-quality razor blades fit most standard single edge scrapers, box cutters, and many other tools for use on the job or at home. They are designed to be easily inserted into the tool and are suitable for all kinds of jobs. The blades are perfect for removing labels, adhesive, dried paint, or other materials from most flat surfaces without leaving scratches or for quickly opening packages. Made of 1095C high carbon steel, these durable blades offer extended use on tough scraping and cutting jobs. The full-depth blades are 0.012″ thick, industrial quality and have a plated steel backing for added durability. Each blade is individually paper wrapped for added safety during handling. These industrial-quality blades are suitable for use in the home, workshop, or office. Made in the USA.

  • Clamshell viewpak containing 100 1095C single edge razor blades
  • Fits most standard single edge scrapers, box cutters and other tools in the market
  • Full depth blades are 0.012” thick, industrial quality and includes a zinc-plated steel backing
  • Made in the USA