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(WP8) 8″ x 8″ Drywall Repair Patch, Carded

Drywall Patch 8″ X 8″, Carded

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The ALLWAY® 8" x 8" Drywall Repair Patch is the ideal solution for permanent repairs on damaged walls and ceilings. The self-adhesive patch is made of rust-proof perforated aluminum mesh to ensure that your repairs will stand the test of time. Simply sand, clean and dry the area surrounding the hole before applying patch - be sure all dust and loose fragments are removed. Remove the backing paper to expose adhesive, center the patch over the hole and press firmly around the damaged area. Make sure the aluminum mesh covers the hole completely. Apply a thin layer of drywall or patching compound covering the mesh completely and feathering the edges outward. Let dry and sand smooth before applying a second coat and sanding again. Let dry, sand and paint or apply wall covering, as desired.
  • Great for permanent repairs on damaged walls or ceilings
  • Made of durable, rust-proof perforated aluminum mesh for long lasting quality
  • Simply remove backing paper, apply patch firmly over hole, apply compound, sand and paint or apply wall covering
  • Can be trimmed to fit small holes
  • Self-adhesive mesh for easy application
  • Patch measures 8in by 8in