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(WPS) 12″ Aluminum-Headed Wall Stripper

UPC: 0 3706407200 1

12″ Aluminum-Headed Wall Stripper


Looking for a versatile tool that can strip at multiple surfaces? The ALLWAY® 12″ Aluminum-Headed Wall Stripper is what you’re looking for. It is ideal as a home / business / decoration tile adhesive scraper. It removes wallpaper, vinyl, all cloth, resilient tile with ease. It can also be used to clean floors, glass and tiles. The ALLWAY® 12″ Aluminum-Headed Wall Stripper utilizes a 4″ hardened, tempered and ground blade. Need to unlock and change the blade? All you need to do is make a 1/4 leftward turn and a 1/4 rightward turn to lock the blade in place. Otherwise, the Wall Stripper’s positive locking tabs secures a tight grip to maintain blade lock durability.

  • Patented, soft grip handle with interior blade storage
  • 12” overall length
  • Aluminum head with guard
  • Utilizes 4” hardened, tempered and ground blade
  • Positive locking tabs provide additional safety to users and increases blade lock durability


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