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(X6F) 6″ Flex Nylon Handle Joint Knife, Hammer End, Labelled

UPC: 0 3706409012 8

6″ Flex Nylon Handle Tape Knife, Hammer End, Labelled


The ALLWAY® 6″ Flex Nylon Handle Joint Knife is a a versatile and durable tool for applying spackle and adhesive to surfaces. This drywall tool features a high-quality carbon steel blade, which measures 6 inches in width and is perfect for spreading spackle and adhesive with precision and control. The blade is hollow ground and mirror polished, providing a smooth and even application of materials while also making clean-up easy. The professional nylon handle of the ALLWAY® 6″ Flex Nylon Handle Joint Knife is built to withstand even the most challenging working conditions, providing a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue and ensures maximum control. The dual rivet construction of this joint knife ensures that the blade remains securely attached to the handle, providing reliable and long-lasting use. Additionally, the joint knife features a hammer end that makes it ideal for removing nails or tapping down small bumps in walls.

  • For paint scraping and compound spreading
  • Solvent proof, classic nylon handle
  • Hollow ground, mirror polished carbon steel blade6 in. wide, flexible blade
  • Dual rivet construction
  • Hammer end to pop in loose nails
  • Slides in and out of a pocket with ease


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