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(PRK) Plastic Retractable Knife, 1 Blade

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Plastic Retractable Knife, 1 Blade

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The ALLWAY® Plastic Retractable Knife is your go-to tool for precision cutting. Crafted with a robust ABS plastic casing and an ultra-lightweight engineering-grade plastic body, this tool is both durable and easy to handle. Its internal steel metal wear guard is designed to prevent blade breakthrough, ensuring your safety while in use. With the exclusive Celcon 3-position locking slider, you have control over the depth of your cuts, and changing blades is a breeze thanks to the unique push-button feature that eliminates the need for screwdrivers. Plus, the universal blade system means compatibility with any blade, making it versatile for all your cutting needs. Available in assorted neon colors, this retractable knife not only performs exceptionally but adds a pop of vibrancy to your workspace.

  • Ultra light weight engineering grade plastic body
  • Internal steel metal wear guard designed to prevent blade breakthrough
  • Exclusive Celcon 3-position, locking slider
  • Blade changes are easy with the unique push button feature; no screwdrivers required
  • Universal blade system, any blade will fit
  • Assorted neon colors