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(EK50) Neon Easy Kutters, Bucket of 50

UPC: 0 3706407035 9

Neon Easy Kutters, Bucket of 50


The ALLWAY® Neon Easy Kutters come in a high-visibility clear plastic bucket, making them easy to locate and store. With their robust all-metal construction, these tools promise longevity and reliability. Featuring a single-edge blade that smoothly slides in and out for seamless usage and optimum safety, these cutters ensure precision with every cut. Blade replacement is a breeze—simply slide out the blade holder from the back and switch in a fresh blade, guaranteeing a sharp cutting edge whenever needed. Engineered for precision and convenience, these box cutters offer an effortless push/pull action for smooth operation. Whether tackling corrugated cardboard, paper, or wallcovering, they deliver clean and precise cuts consistently. The vibrant neon color not only adds flair but also facilitates easy identification among your tool collection. From warehouses to packaging facilities and retail stores, these cutters are indispensable tools for any business requiring efficient cutting solutions.

  • 50 Easy Kutters with 1 blade, cello bagged per bucket
  • All metal construction with push/pull action
  • Holds single edge blade that slides in and out for use and safety
  • Blade can be replaced by sliding the blade holder out the back and switching in a fresh blade
  • Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering and other materials
  • Comes in mixed neon colors