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(SWK) Switch-Back® Safety Knife

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Switch-Back® Safety Knife

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The ALLWAY® Switchback Safety Knife features a unique, revolutionary, patented design that combines the best of a lock-back knife and switchblade. The push button flips out the blade with guard engaged preventing risk of injury. Quickly retract the guard with the integrated slider to use. Pressing the button again will automatically extend the guard to cover the blade. Only after the guard is engaged can the user fold the knife closed, without risking injury during folding process. It cannot open or close without the guard engaged. This knife is designed specifically for safety with the integrated blade guard, you will not lose the guard like with other utility knives in the market.

  • Spring open action
  • Designed to prevent injury
  • Integrated blade guard is engaged during folding/unfolding for safety
  • Button retracts blade guard
  • Combines best features of a lock-back knife and a switchblade
  • Assembled in the USA