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(FSK) Double Hook Film Cutter

UPC: 0 3706412818 0

Double Hook Film Cutter


Versatile, safe, and easy to use, the ALLWAY® Double Hook Film Cutter is a high-visibility yellow cutter that features a double sided design with two concealed blades. The blades are honed to slice through packaging materials from zip ties and plastic straps to film and shrink wrap. To maximize convenience, the Double Hook Film Cutter boasts a built-in tape splitter on each side. Because the two blades are concealed, this tool will keep your facility a safe work environment by preventing employee injury. Its bright yellow color makes it visible and easy to spot. This in turn reduces replacement costs, benefiting your company logistically and financially.

  • Disposable – blades cannot be exposed or changed
  • High visibility yellow makes it visible and easy to spot
  • Used for cutting cartons, plastic strapping, banding, film, other packaging
  • Integrated tape slitters on each side