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What makes an ALLWAY® Wallpaper Stripper so unique?

Wallpaper strippers have not changed much in several decades. They are zinc-headed and have tubular steel shafts. Equivalent products from competing brands require you to use a screwdriver to change the blade. Some others have a knob.

Need to unlock and change the blade? Thanks to the patented lock and unlock feature, you can change the blade quickly with a twist of your wrist. Otherwise, the Wall Stripper’s tabs secure a tight grip to maintain blade lock durability.

Tool-less Blade Change

Tool-less Blade Change

And in addition, we incorporated a snap-on blade guard to protect users from accidental injuries.



WPS - Blade Guard

Blade Guard

Wallpaper strippers have not changed much in several decades.


Long ago, wallpaper strippers had a more industrial look. Our research & development team saw an opportunity to make them ergonomic. First was an aluminum head making it lightweight and durable.
Second was adding a soft grip handle that prevents fatigue with extended use. Of course, if you like a more classic Wallpaper Stripper for heavy-duty projects, we have the WPSZ. And if you want a much longer reach, we have the WPSZ-L-CD.

The WPSZ Wallpaper Stripper

The WPSZ Wallpaper Stripper

However on the WPS model, the handle opens to provide internal blade storage.

WPS - Blade Storage

Blade Storage

We can’t talk about the Wallpaper Strippers without mentioning the blades. While you could use standard 4-inch blades, we always recommend using ALLWAY® 4” Universal Scraper Blades, which come in a 5-pack and 10-pack blister card as well as a box of 100. The 4” Universal Scraper Blades have two edges. The sharp end is for scraping walls, glass, tile, marble and other non-porous surfaces. The blunt end is for more heavy duty or rough scraping. On the blunt end also are rounded corners for safer and smoother scraping without damage to the surface. It can also break off one end, leaving a 3.25″ blade for other tools. They’re also compatible with the GTS, GTS-G, GRS and all 4” scrapers.

WSB Blade

WSB Blade

Where can you find them? You can find them in the big box stores, mom and pop hardware stores and ecommerce retailers like Amazon.