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(BB1) Soft-Grip Narrow Brass Stripper Brush

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Soft-Grip Narrow Brass Stripper Brush

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The ALLWAY® Soft-Grip Narrow Brass Stripper Brush features non-sparking brass bristles, making it ideal for metal burnishing and removing rust, scale, and paint. Its sturdy design includes an ergonomic soft-grip handle with offset, protecting your hand from scratches during scrubbing. This patented handle design ensures comfort and durability, while the brush’s solvent-proof construction ensures longevity. Perfect for building materials, ladders, and flooring accessories, this brush is equipped with small brass bristles for effective cleaning.

  • Comfortable, soft grip handles
  • Patented handle design
  • Solvent proof
  • Small brass bristles on stripper brush
  • Used for building materials, ladders & flooring accessories


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