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(BF1) Blade File

UPC: 0 3706406005 3

Blade File


The ALLWAY® Blade File is a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Tailored specifically for sharpening and rejuvenating stainless and carbon steel blades, this specialized flat file guarantees a fine, smooth edge with each pass. Engineered for precision, it effortlessly follows the angle and curve of your blade, ensuring optimal sharpness. Beyond its primary application, this versatile file excels in sharpening woodworking tools such as chisels and scrapers. For peak performance and extended durability, complement it with ALLWAY® scraper blades to maximize productivity and achieve exceptional results.

  • Special flat file
  • Made to sharpen blades to a fine, smooth edge
  • File with forward motion, following angle and curve
  • Ideal for sharpening stainless and carbon steel blades
  • Use genuine ALLWAY® scraper blades for maximum productivity

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