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(BTK10) 10″ Soft Grip Blue Carbon Steel Taping Knife

UPC: 0 3706411000 0

10″ Soft Grip Blue Carbon Steel Taping Knife


The ALLWAY® 10″ Soft Grip Blue Carbon Steel Taping Knife is used for both professional and home repair including drywall joint taping, finishing and patching. You can also use this to smooth, trim wallcovering and remove popcorn ceilings. Its dual-molded handle is ergonomically soft grip to enhance user comfort and prevent fatigue during extended use. It also incorporates a hammer end to set loose nails. It includes a blue spring steel blade attached with a strong dual-rivet construction to the handle and aluminum backing. The aluminum rail backing dispenses additional durability and flexibility during use. The blade is also tapered so you work more closely against corners faster and easier. This professional drywall knife grants excellent control for feathering and knockdown texturing, making it a great choice for professionals and DIYers.

  • 10″ blue spring steel blade; tapered for excellent control against corners and for feathering
  • Integrated hammer end is ideal for setting nails
  • Dual molded soft grip handle provides extra comfort and prevents fatigue during extended use
  • Strong-dual rivets attach the blade to the handle
  • A great choice for professionals and DIYers


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