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(CP3) Heavy-Duty Flat Carpenter’s Pencils, 3-Pack

UPC: 0 3706411301 8

Heavy-Duty Flat Carpenter’s Pencils, 3-Pack


The ALLWAY® Heavy-Duty Flat Carpenter’s Pencils are a carpenter’s essential. Crafted for durability, this three-pack ensures longevity even under the toughest conditions. Their flat design provides a secure grip, preventing rolling and ensuring accuracy with every mark. From saw lines to drill pits, these versatile pencils work on lumber, paper, concrete, and more. Made from rugged redwood, they maintain sharpness and accuracy through daily wear and tear.
  • Great for marking saw lines, drill pits and much more
  • Can be used to mark on lumber, paper, concrete and various other materials
  • Rugged, redwood construction ensures durability while still maintaining sharpness and accuracy
  • Flat surfaces make the pencils easy to grip and ensures they will never roll away
  • Includes 3 pencils