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(CTK) 2-Piece Caulking Kit

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2-Piece Caulking Kit

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The ALLWAY® 2-piece Caulking Tool Kit can achieve professional-looking caulk removal and smoothing in no time. The kit includes a silicone triangle that can be rotated to achieve three different profiles for caulk beads – 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch. This allows you to create a perfect caulk bead for any application, ensuring a neat and tidy finish every time. In addition, the kit comes with a stainless steel blade for caulk removal. The blade is sharp enough to remove even the toughest caulk, making it easy to start fresh with your caulk application. Made out of engineered Celcon plastic, this two-piece kit is durable and long-lasting. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for both DIYers and professionals. Whether you’re caulking your bathroom, kitchen, or any other area in your home, this tool achieves a perfect finish every time.

  • Designed for quick caulk removal and caulk smoothing
  • Rotate silicone triangle to achieve 3 different profiles for caulk beads (1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”)
  • Includes stainless steel blade for caulk removal
  • Two piece kit made out of engineered plastic (Celcon)

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