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(DS30U-10) 3″ Celcon Plastic U-Notched Spreader

UPC: 0 3706408134 8

3″ Celcon Plastic U-Notched Spreader


The ALLWAY® 3″ Celcon Plastic U-Notched Spreader is crafted from strong engineered plastic, making it ideal for one-time uses such as spreading compound or caulking. Its tapered and reinforced blade extends durability, while the 1/16-inch square-notched pattern ensures precision. Featuring a comfortable grip for extended use, this spreader is solvent-proof and easy to clean, offering convenience and reliability for your projects.

  • Resistant to solvents for added durability
  • Crafted from sturdy engineered plastic
  • Features a precise 1/16-inch square-notched pattern
  • Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for prolonged usage