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(DSXG1) 7-in-1 Soft Grip Painter’s Multi-Tool

UPC: 0 3706419196 2

7-in-1 Soft Grip Tool, Hammer End, Carbon Blade, Labelled


The ALLWAY® 7-in-1 Soft Grip Painter’s Multi-Tool transforms your toolbox into a powerhouse of versatility. With its 3″ high carbon steel blade, you’ll effortlessly tackle scraping, chiseling, adhesive spreading, crack opening, paint can prying, roller cleaning, and more. Need to set some nails? No problem—the heavy-duty hammer end has you covered. Crafted for comfort, the soft grip handle ensures a secure grasp and minimizes hand fatigue, even during extended use. Say goodbye to cumbersome cleanup routines—the multi-tool is a breeze to tidy up, and its sleek design slips effortlessly in and out of your pocket.

  • 3″ high carbon steel blade for multiple applications
  • Functions as a scraper, putty remover, spreader, paint roller cleaner, crack opener for patching, nail puller, can opener, and drywall nail hammer
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip handle ensures easy grasping and minimizes hand fatigue
  • Features a built-in hammer end for effortless nail setting in drywall or driving in loose or extended nails
  • Effortlessly cleaned and conveniently slides in and out of your pocket for quick access


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