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(DSXW11) 55-Piece Soft-Grip Joint Knife Merchandiser

UPC: 037064191993

Merchandiser Soft Grip Putty Knives (40 Pieces W/Rack)


  • Features soft grip professional putty knives and wall scrapers
  • Heavy duty hammer end
  • Updated handle shape for improved comfort & sturdier grip
  • Secure & lightweight handle
  • Flex/stiff molded in handle
  • High carbon steel tempered professionally ground blade
  • Polished & lacquered with a clear coating
  • DSXG16 & DSXG1 includes can opener
  • Contains 5 each: DSX15F, DSX15S, DSX2F, DSX2S, DSX3F, DSX3S, DSX4F, DSX5F, DSX6F, DSXCH, DSXG1, DSXG16


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