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(DTBA) Quick-Load Drywall Taper Banjo

UPC: 0 3706441058 2

Quick-Load Drywall Taper Banjo


The ALLWAY® Quick-Load Drywall Taper Banjo revolutionizes the drywall taping process, offering unparalleled efficiency and convenience. With the capacity to hold a 500 ft. roll of drywall tape and enough compound for 40 ft. of taping between refills, this banjo eliminates the need for separate application steps. Its user-friendly design includes an easily adjustable thumb screw valve, enabling precise control over compound application. The latched door ensures a secure, leak-proof seal, while the adjustable nylon side handle, complete with a thumb rest and serrated cut-off blade, enhances maneuverability and cutting accuracy. Crafted from rugged yet lightweight aluminum, with an ergonomic hardwood handle for a comfortable, secure grip, this banjo is a must-have for streamlining taping tasks on large projects.

  • One-handed loading for mud and tape significantly saves time
  • Constructed from durable yet lightweight aluminum
  • Includes adjustable side strap and thumb rest for added convenience
  • Streamlines taping process, saving time and labor on extensive projects