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(PT12) Painter’s Tripods, 12-Pack

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Painter’s Tripods, 12-Pack

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The ALLWAY® Painter’s Tripods elevate items above the work surface, minimizing mess, streamlining painting processes, and simplifying cleanup. Their innovative design ensures intuitive and secure interlocking, allowing for versatile combinations. Each pack contains 12 tripods, offering ample support for various items. These tripods facilitate painting both sides of a project without waiting for it to dry, thanks to their ability to flip items over while still wet. Additionally, they interlock to provide stable support for unwieldy objects and can be securely screwed down for added stability. Crafted from durable Celcon, these tripods are capable of supporting heavy subjects, particularly when multiple pieces are interlocked. Whether working on doors, shutters, furniture, crafts, or moldings, the ALLWAY® Painter’s Tripods are indispensable for any painting project.

  • 12 tripods are included
  • Supports items above the work surface for less mess and easier painting and cleanup
  • Paint top of project, turn over while still wet, then paint the other side – no waiting to dry
  • Tripods interlock to support unwieldy items
  • Can be screwed down for security
  • Convex wall shape to provide only point contact with dowels
  • Great for working with doors, shutters, furniture, crafts, mouldings and more
  • Made of strong Celcon to support heavy subjects, especially with multiple pieces interlocked


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