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(SWK-DSP) 14-Piece Switchback Safety Knife Display

UPC: 0 3706419213 6

14-Piece Switchback Safety Knife Display


  • Unique, revolutionary, patented design to combine the best of a lock-back knife and a switchblade.
  • Designed specifically for safety – integrated blade guard, you will not lose the guard like with other utility knives in the market
  • Push button, and knife springs open with guard covering the blade – no risk of injury in this process
  • Quickly retract the guard to use the knife
  • Pressing the button again, will automatically extend the guard to cover the blade
  • Only after the guard is engaged can the user fold the knife closed, without risking injury during folding process
  • A switchblade is banned in commerce, but our “switch-back” version is completely legal, and safe
  • Uses standard utility knife blades