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(PON-RL) Paint Poncho Wet Roller Protectors, 5 Pack

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Paint Poncho Wet Roller Protectors, 5 Pack

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The ALLWAY® Wet Roller Protectors are the game-changer for your painting projects. These essential plastic protectors safeguard your rollers for weeks, ensuring your painting tools stay in pristine condition. With a universal fit for rollers up to 9.5″, there’s no need for multiple sizes. Crafted from durable EVA plastic, these protectors offer superior longevity. The elastic pull cord and spring lock closure system make them incredibly easy to use and reuse. Plus, the frosted appearance becomes clear when wet, giving you a visual confirmation of the protection. Say goodbye to messy placements—our innovative shape provides a wide opening for effortless tool placement. Compatible with various liquids like paint, stain, and polyurethane, they’re incredibly versatile. With 5 reusable/disposable wet roller covers included, you can keep your rollers fresh between coats. Never worry about cleaning your tools during breaks again! Save paint, save water, and save time with ALLWAY® Wet Roller Protectors.

  • 5-pak of reusable/disposable wet roller covers
  • Eliminates the need to clean rollers during breaks
  • Made from EVA plastic for greater durability
  • Locking system helps protect roller for weeks
  • Elastic pull cord and lock closure system allows option to use or simply dispose
  • Fits all rollers up to 9.5”
  • Save paint, water and time

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