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(MARK) 2 Felt-Tip Markers with 9mm Snap-Off Knife

UPC: 0 3706411305 6

2 Felt-Tip Markers with 9mm Snap-Off Knife


The ALLWAY® 2 Felt-Tip Markers with 9mm Snap-Off Knife is a versatile solution for those on the go or in need of efficient labeling and box cutting. This kit includes two chisel-tip permanent markers and a convenient 9mm snap-off knife, making it perfect for both moving and businesses dealing with frequent packages. The markers offer flexibility, allowing you to create broad, medium, or fine strokes to suit your needs, while the 9mm snap-off knife excels in everyday cutting tasks, from plastic and paperboard to cable stripping and box opening. With the ALLWAY® 9mm Snap-Off Knife, you’ll always have sharp blades at your disposal, just remember to use pliers and wear eye protection when snapping off blade points for safety.

  • Label and open boxes effortlessly with two permanent markers and a compact, retractable box cutter
  • Versatile felt-tip markers create broad, medium, and fine lines
  • The 9mm snap-off knife is lightweight, portable, and suitable for various cutting tasks
  • Easily refresh the blade by snapping off the dull edge at the scoring lines
  • Designed for cutting plastic, paperboard, stripping cables, and opening boxes