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(NX3PT) 3-½” Ergonomic-Grip Pointing Knife

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3-½” Ergonomic-Grip Pointing Knife

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The ALLWAY® 3-½” Ergonomic-Grip Pointing Knife is crafted for precision in finishing tasks. Its 3-½” flexible hollow ground blade ensures smooth and even spreading of compound, while the ergonomic handle offers enhanced comfort and grip. With dual rivet construction, this knife boasts durability and stability. The pointing shape of the blade makes it ideal for finishing tight corners with precision and finesse, making it an essential tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  • 3-½″ flexible, professional hollow ground blade for spreading compound
  • Ergonomic handle for enhanced comfort and grip
  • Dual rivet construction
  • Pointing shape perfect for finishing tight corners