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(RK13) Soft Grip 9mm Snap-Off Knife, 3 Blades

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Soft Grip 9mm Snap-Off Knife, 3 Blades

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The ALLWAY® Soft Grip 9mm Snap-Off Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for all your needs. Its stainless steel blade provides clean and efficient cuts, and when the cutting edge becomes dull, simply snap off the old tip to reveal a brand new, razor-sharp edge. This knife comes with three stainless-steel blades, each featuring 13 snap-off points, making it versatile enough to cut and trim a variety of materials, including paper, cardstock, cardboard, foam board and more. The rust-proof stainless-steel track ensures the blade advances smoothly, and the safety lock automatically locks the blade to prevent it from slipping out of place, providing added safety. The soft-grip handle offers a secure and comfortable hold, giving you ultimate control when cutting or trimming.
  • 13 point (9mm) stainless steel blade
  • Blade auto-locks as extended
  • Comfortable, soft grip handle
  • Each knife includes 3 professionally ground blades in total
  • Extra blade storage in handle
  • Integrated blade snapper to help snap dull points off for a fresh cutting edge
  • Stainless steel blade track for maximum durability