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(SB9-5B) 13-Point 9mm Blackened-Steel Snap-Off Blades, 5-Pack

UPC: 0 37064 41013 1

13-Point 9mm Blackened-Steel Snap-Off Blades


The ALLWAY® 13-Point 9mm Blackened-Steel Snap-Off Blades come conveniently packed in a safety dispenser. Made of blackened carbon steel, these blades are crafted with utmost precision, ensuring professional-grade quality. With their professionally ground and honed edges, these blades are super sharp, guaranteeing clean and precise cuts every time. The 9mm size offers 13 break points, allowing for multiple fresh cutting edges without the need for constant blade changes. Experience the reliability and sharpness needed for a wide range of cutting tasks.
• 9mm replacement blades for snap-off knives in safety dispenser
• Made of blackened carbon steel
• Professionally ground and honed, super sharp
• 9mm blade has 13 break points