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(STW) Scoring Tool For Wallpaper Removal

UPC: 0 3706407230 8

Scoring Tool For Wallpaper Removal


The ALLWAY® Scoring Tool for Wallpaper Removal is the game-changer that revolutionizes the tedious process of peeling away wallpaper in minuscule pieces. Say goodbye to countless hours of frustration and welcome a faster and more efficient solution. This scoring tool is designed to remove wallpaper from bedrooms, living rooms, and any other living spaces in record time, making the once time-consuming task a thing of the past. Equipped with a soft-grip handle, it ensures a secure and comfortable hold, allowing you to maintain a firm grip throughout the entire process. The handle’s elevated design is an added bonus, keeping your hands above work surfaces, safeguarding your fingers from scraping against walls. With the ALLWAY® Scoring Tool for Wallpaper Removal, you’ll experience a new level of efficiency, comfort, and precision in your wallpaper removal endeavors.

  • Tool perforates surface coating of wallpaper
  • Allows warm water to penetrate to soften adhesive
  • Will not damage drywall or plaster if used as directed
  • Comfortable soft grip