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(SWB) Soft-Grip Wallpaper Smoother

UPC: 0 3706414040 3

Soft-Grip Wallpaper Smoother


The ALLWAY® Soft-Grip Wallpaper Smoother allows one to achieve an excellent and polished finish. Boasting wide, polypropylene bristles, this brush covers ample surface area, enabling swift and effortless crease-smoothing. Designed for wallcovering perfection, it’s equally adept for faux finishing endeavors, requiring only light pressure for remarkable outcomes. The soft grip structural foam handle ensures comfort and control, while the polypropylene bristles, measuring 12 x ¾”, work wonders in effortlessly smoothing out vinyl surfaces. With rounded ends that prevent tearing or nicking of wallcoverings, this is your go-to companion for impeccable, hassle-free projects.

  • 12 x ¾” polypropylene bristles are engineered to smoothly glide over vinyl surfaces without tearing or nicking
  • Soft grip structural foam handle provides superior comfort and control, reducing hand fatigue
  • Rounded ends protect your wallcoverings, ensuring a flawless finish every time