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(SXG1) 8-in-1 Soft-Grip Painter’s Multi Tool

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8-in-1 Soft-Grip Painter’s Multi Tool


The ALLWAY® 8-in-1 Soft Grip Painter’s Multi Tool is a prime multi-tool engineered for performance and durability. This heavy-duty multi tool features a 3” stainless steel blade for scraping and chiseling paint and can additionally be used as a spreader/smoother of spackle & adhesive. The sharp point of the blade opens cracks for patch jobs while the flat end opens paint can lids. The half-round cut-out cleans rollers. There is a built-in hammer end that set nails in drywall or drive in loose or extended nails. Magnetically retained by rare earth magnets, the hardened #2 Phillips screwdriver bit countersinks stray screws or nails. The soft ergonomic grip handle is optimized for comfort.  

  • 8-in-1 multi-purpose tool with 3″ stainless steel blade for scraping, chiseling, spreading, and smoothing
  • Use as a paint can lid opener, scraper/chisel, spackle and adhesive spreader/smoother, crack opener for patch jobs, nail puller, and paint roller cleaner
  • Soft grip handle is easy to grasp and reduces hand fatigue
  • Built-in hammer end sets nails in drywall or drives in loose or extended nails
  • Screwdriver bit included and retained in handle by rare earth magnets


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