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(TGB) Tin Handle Glue & Acid Brushes, 5-Pack

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Tin Handle Glue & Acid Brushes, 5-Pack

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The ALLWAY® Tin Handle Glue & Acid Brushes are an indispensable tool for a multitude of applications including glue, acid, flux, paint, and more. This pack of 5 disposable brushes boasts natural horse-hair bristles that excel in precision application for tasks ranging from woodworking and arts & crafts to epoxy resin projects. Whether you’re spreading, cleaning, dusting, or applying touch-ups, these brushes are up to the challenge. The tin handles offer a comfortable grip while being threaded to accept a mob stick or extension handle, enhancing your control and reach.

  • Pack of 5 disposable tin-handle glue brushes
  • Used for applying glue, flux, grease, etc.
  • Natural horse-hair bristles
  • Threaded to accept mob stick or extension handle