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(TS15) 15″ Trim Shield, 25-Pack Display Box

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15″ Trim Shield, 25-Pack Display Box

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The ALLWAY® 15″ Trim Shield is designed to make your projects easier and cleaner. With a 15-inch plastic handle for precise control and reach, it fits snugly into tight corners, keeping paint splatters off glass, walls, and other surfaces, reducing cleanup time and ensuring a professional finish every time. Upgrade your painting game and enjoy a hassle-free, efficient painting experience with the ALLWAY® 15″ Trim Shield, a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Say goodbye to messy edges and hello to flawless results – order yours today and transform the way you paint!

  • 25 trim shields per display box
  • 15” long Plastic Handle
  • Keeps paint splatter off glass, walls, etc.
  • Fits tight corners
  • Reduces clean up time


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