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(WB619) Wood Handle Wire Brush – 6×19

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Wood Handle Wire Brush – 6×19

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The ALLWAY® Wood Handle Wire Brush, a versatile and reliable tool for all your cleaning needs. This wire brush boasts 6 x 19 rows of high-quality carbon steel bristles, providing exceptional strength and durability. The threaded opening allows for the attachment of an extension pole, making it easy to reach high or hard-to-reach areas. Designed to tackle tough jobs, this wire brush is ideal for cleaning rust, scale, solder chips, removing paint and dirt, and cleaning surfaces. The easy-to-grip wood handle provides superior control, allowing for precision and accuracy in your cleaning efforts.

  • 6 x 19 rows of high carbon steel bristles
  • Threaded opening to accept extension pole
  • Used to clean rust, scale, solder chips, remove paint and dirt and clan surfaces
  • Handle is easy to grip