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(X-3/4S) ¾” Stiff Nylon Handle Putty Knife

UPC: 0 3706408999 3

¾” Stiff Nylon Handle Putty Knife


The ALLWAY® ¾” Stiff Nylon Handle Putty Knife features a robust ¾” carbon-steel blade, meticulously designed with a hollow ground structure and mirror-polished finish for seamless spackle and adhesive application. Its professional nylon handle, fortified by dual rivet construction, guarantees enduring reliability and comfortable control. Elevate your craftsmanship to new heights with the ALLWAY® ¾” Stiff Nylon Handle Putty Knife, the ultimate choice for impeccable results in surface preparation.

  • ¾” Carbon-steel blade
  • Professional nylon handle for durability
  • Dual rivet construction
  • Hollow ground blade, mirror polished


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